Sunday, June 7, 2009

Raines Law Room

Step 1: Ring door bell

Step 2: Indicate your importance to the Maitre-D when he only cracks open the door to decide whether you will be one of the chosen ones that will enter this new speakeasy.

Step 3: Stand around the island in kitchen as you watch the baristas make you a Negroni

Step 4: Snag a seat in one of the cozy tables (complete with drapes for privacy

Step 5: Press the button in your nook to get the attention of the waitress. With this feature, you'll never be forgotten.

Step 6: Continue drinking...

That's all you'll need as you make your way to the newly opened "Raines Law Room" where the clandestine atmosphere mimicks an exclusive members-only club. As you mingle with the other lucky guests in the kitchen, you feel like you are in the home with your closest friends as you watch the mixologist stir up a drink. I had been eager to try out this new lounge, but when I did last weekend I was not dissapointed. Sure, the cocktails are a bit pricey, but the star treatment makes you forget that your pocket's empty as you stumble out. Although there was no seating at the tables, half an hour later the maitre-d kindly came into the kitchen to escort us to the available table. He had not forgotten us with all the people waltzing in trying to snag the few free seats.

Unfortunatly, this little-known gem is already becoming exposed. After my evening here, I opened up the New York Times Dining section Wednesday only to see a huge photo of the hush-hush lounge. I give it a week before I may have to alter Step 2.

Raines Law Room

48 W 17th Street

New York, NY

No Phone