Saturday, May 16, 2009

Odd Twin Trading Company

So, I finally checked out the over-hyped Topshop and to be honest, I was dissapointed. I had always loved the Topshop in Oxford Circus in London, but for some reason it didn't feel the same in New York. I had picked up a shirt that I originally thought was cute and decided to try it on. I entered the dressing room and a teenager was admiring herself in the same blouse. I was immedietly turned off. I decided to get in line at the register anyway, hoping they'd surprise me and tell me it was on sale. As I waited in line to pay for the over-priced blouse, I noticed a middle age women holding the same shirt getting ready to swipe her credit card. I dropped the shirt and left. I am so sick of over paying for the same clothing I end up seeing every other person wearing.

A few days later, I was walking along 5th Avenue in Park Slope and came across a new vintage store called Odd Twin Trading Company. A bit higher end than the nearby Beacon's Closet, Odd Twin has unique pieces, with even some designer wear. Housing both women, men, housewares, and stunning jewlery, Odd Twin is smaller and carries more selective pieces than Beacon's Closet. It is much easier to rummage through there selection of vintage purses, summery day dresses, 50's style bathing suits, riding boots, silk scarves, and flapper-esque attire, as there's just enough selection to keep you occupied, but not too much where you end up wasting away the entire afternoon ::ahem:: Beacon's Closet. Plus, the prices are recession-friendly. I walked out with a vintage Jordache long sleeve body suit for $18. Now that's a steal. Plus, I can almost be sure I be matching someone else on the subway. So long Topshop, hello Odd Twin!

Odd Twin Trading Company
105 Fifth Ave (at Degraw St.)
Park Slope, Brooklyn

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

ICE, ICE, Baby

No, I am not talking about Vanilla's Ice's addicting tune, but about the Institute of Culinary Education, of course!

Did the lemongrass chicken recipe inspire you to learn to cook? Are you embarassed that you have nooo idea how to boil a pot of water? Well, I recently came across the recreational classes in the flatiron district at ICE (Institute of Culinary Education).

Have no idea where to even start while in the kitchen? Sign up for "Cooking 101: The Course for the Absolute Beginner". It's three sessions (nine hours total) for $325 that will literally have you cooking up a storm as soon as you get home. From shrimp cocktail to pasta primavera to arugula pear salad to a blueberry fruit crisp. You'll be a pro in no time.

Want to focus on learning how to bake the most moist Devil's Food cake? "Techniques of Cake Baking" may just be the class for you.

Do you just want to refine your Thai cooking? Mexican? Tuscan? They've got a class for it!

Are you dying to just learn how to make THE perfect pizza? Perfect your grilled chicken recipe? Yup, they've got one for those too. "Pizza, Pizza, Pizza" or "Chicken Seven Ways" (both $105 for one 4.5 hour session) may be the classes for you.

Do you not have an interest in this blog post at all, but are wondering where the Happy Hour Post is? Well, maybe you'll like ICE's Mixology 101 class (a 3hr, $80 class that will help you master those mojito's and martini's).

Eiether way, I'm suuuure there is something you'll find interesting!

Who knows, it could be you on the next season of Top Chef...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

MTA Fair Hike

Fare Hike? No fare hike? Fare hike? No fare hike? The dizzying back-and-forth decisions that have been occurring over the past few months regarding the MTA's proposed fare hike have finally come to a halt! So, where will that $1.75 billion needed to close the budget gap come from? YOU, of course. Fortunately, though, for us subway and bus riders, the increase will not go as far as to rise to the originally purposed $4.00, but instead will rise to $2.25. Still annoying, but not as bad as we all thought. So, what will happen to all those major service cuts that we were all dreading? Gone! Your morning commute will be kept intact. Unfortunately, there will also be a $0.50 extra surcharge for all taxi rides, but the initial toll purposed on the East and Harlem River bridges are non-existent. Hooray! So enjoy that extra $0.25 you have in your pocket, because unfortunately, it won't be there come July.

*All hikes will start at the beginning of July. No exact date has been set.

What do you think of the fare hikes? Vote below!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Manhattan Polo Classic

After seeing Mind That Bird prance his way to first place at the Kentucky Derby this weekend, I felt inspired. Inspired to go to a horserace, actually. Having the sudden urge to strut around in a large hat, I looked to see if perhaps New York City had a horserace? What I found was sooo much better: A Polo Match.

The Veuve Clicquot Manhattan Polo Classic, to be exact.

On May 30th, take the ferry over to Governor's Island for the 2nd Annual Polo Classic and watch an exhibition polo match while sipping on champagne to celebrate the 400th Anniversary of New York City! The "Sport of Kings" will feature players, including Nacho Figueras. Tickets should be going on sale soon (the website says May 1st, but they haven't updated it yet) and indicates that there will be a non-ticket section for anyone to attend as well as a ticketed section. The proceeds of the tickets go to the American Friends of Sentebale charity supporting children in Lesotho, Africa.

What a better way to start off the summer than to channel your inner-Britishness at a Polo Match? Later on, there will be an after party at Pink Elephant. It is not a day to miss!

I am anxiously awaiting the opening of the ticket sales and will let you know how much they're going to be going for.

In the mean time, i'm going to go pick out my hat...