Tuesday, May 5, 2009

MTA Fair Hike

Fare Hike? No fare hike? Fare hike? No fare hike? The dizzying back-and-forth decisions that have been occurring over the past few months regarding the MTA's proposed fare hike have finally come to a halt! So, where will that $1.75 billion needed to close the budget gap come from? YOU, of course. Fortunately, though, for us subway and bus riders, the increase will not go as far as to rise to the originally purposed $4.00, but instead will rise to $2.25. Still annoying, but not as bad as we all thought. So, what will happen to all those major service cuts that we were all dreading? Gone! Your morning commute will be kept intact. Unfortunately, there will also be a $0.50 extra surcharge for all taxi rides, but the initial toll purposed on the East and Harlem River bridges are non-existent. Hooray! So enjoy that extra $0.25 you have in your pocket, because unfortunately, it won't be there come July.

*All hikes will start at the beginning of July. No exact date has been set.

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