Saturday, May 16, 2009

Odd Twin Trading Company

So, I finally checked out the over-hyped Topshop and to be honest, I was dissapointed. I had always loved the Topshop in Oxford Circus in London, but for some reason it didn't feel the same in New York. I had picked up a shirt that I originally thought was cute and decided to try it on. I entered the dressing room and a teenager was admiring herself in the same blouse. I was immedietly turned off. I decided to get in line at the register anyway, hoping they'd surprise me and tell me it was on sale. As I waited in line to pay for the over-priced blouse, I noticed a middle age women holding the same shirt getting ready to swipe her credit card. I dropped the shirt and left. I am so sick of over paying for the same clothing I end up seeing every other person wearing.

A few days later, I was walking along 5th Avenue in Park Slope and came across a new vintage store called Odd Twin Trading Company. A bit higher end than the nearby Beacon's Closet, Odd Twin has unique pieces, with even some designer wear. Housing both women, men, housewares, and stunning jewlery, Odd Twin is smaller and carries more selective pieces than Beacon's Closet. It is much easier to rummage through there selection of vintage purses, summery day dresses, 50's style bathing suits, riding boots, silk scarves, and flapper-esque attire, as there's just enough selection to keep you occupied, but not too much where you end up wasting away the entire afternoon ::ahem:: Beacon's Closet. Plus, the prices are recession-friendly. I walked out with a vintage Jordache long sleeve body suit for $18. Now that's a steal. Plus, I can almost be sure I be matching someone else on the subway. So long Topshop, hello Odd Twin!

Odd Twin Trading Company
105 Fifth Ave (at Degraw St.)
Park Slope, Brooklyn


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    On a side note, I always thought Macys was the best, very easy to spend hours shopping in there. Not been to New York for a while though, is Macys still going?

  2. Robin, Brooklyn, NYJune 30, 2009 at 8:12 PM

    I LOVE Odd Twin! I shop there for dresses to wear on stage because they have lots of fun, vintage stuff. They even "remake" some of the dresses so that they fit better than they may have back in the day. I feel the same way about Beacon's. Too much stuff and much of it is not my style AT ALL. Odd Twin is true vintage. Beacon's is not as far as I can tell.