Thursday, April 30, 2009

Buy Your Friend A Drink

Ok, do you NOT want your friend to ever wear that baseball hat in public? Avoid the embarassment...for both you and your friend, please. I'll spare you both. Introducing,! Can't find the 'Wow' gift at Pippin for your best guy friend? Guys, unsure of whether your girlfriend would prefer earrings or a brooch. Problem Solved! A unisex gift. A gift that you can guarantee everyone will love...a drink. They choose the bar and the drink and All YOU gotta do is pay... beforehand! Go to, enter the recipient information, enter your credit card number (Paypal secure!), and VOILA! Your gift can be given either by sending your friend a text, email, or by give them a redeemable card. Either way, when that $12 gets deducted from the next drink order, we're sure the appreciation will be felt (surely, the alcohol will help escalate this feeling).

Currently, there are about forty bars in the NYC participating, including Underbar at the W Hotel, Wetbar, Libation, Metro 55 , Southern Hospitality, and StoneRose (in the Time Warner). Check out the site for the full listings. Although your favorite bar may not be on it...stay tuned! They are constantly adding more bars so don't be discouraged.

p.s- if your register on the site you reap the benefits, too. They will buy YOU a drink if you buy your friend a drink. So, buy all your friends drinks and you'll pretty much never have to buy yourself a drink...for a while, I mean.

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