Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Madison Avenue’s prim store windows are flooded with SALE signs, neighborhood cafes are closing faster than we can blink, and restaurant recession specials are popping up everywhere from McDonalds to Per Se. It’s overwhelming! So, we are going to help you sift through some of these amazing restaurant deals. Who knows how long they’ll last! Today’s Tuesday Tidbit: Paradou.
Paradou is a quaint Parisian restaurant in the chic Meatpacking district that has come up with a whole lineup of hard-to-beat recession specials featured each week. It’s not a HUGE meatpacking haute spot like Buddah Bar, but that’s what makes it so special and relaxing, especially as the weather gets nicer and you can enjoy the garden in the back. Two of my favorite deals: Free Wine Mondays and their famous Unlimited Champagne Cocktail brunch, which has now been extended to Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Make a reservation on Monday’s and you get a FREE bottle of wine! They are offering this promotion to lift our spirits in the dreadful economy, which they will continue until the DOW hits 12,000. Honestly, what is better than that? Then head back on Sunday for the Unlimited Champagne Cocktail brunch for $29 (with your entrée included)! After a few Kir Royale’s you’ll feel like your livin’ the life as you enjoy the breathtaking view of the Tour Eiffel….or not. But, nonetheless, your wallet will feel the love.

8 Little West 12th Street
Between 9th and Washington Ave
NY, NY 10014

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