Thursday, April 9, 2009

Facebook: Mine AND yours, Mr. Zuckerberg?

Stop! Those pictures you just put up on facebook from your night at Cabin Down Below. Ya, those. So, uh, did you realize that facebook now owns those pictures...forever. Yes, all that content on your profile, you are allowing Mark Zuckerberg to keep backlogged for the rest of his humankinds existence, even if you shut down your facebook acount.

Facebook recently changed its terms of policy and they want to be one biiiig happy family. But, why? What will they do with our information. They are claiming they wouldn't use our information in any way we wouldn't want it to be used, but can we be sure? Why would they change the policy if they aren't going to use it our wall-to-walls, 'about me', or status updates? Why? Why? Why? All these questions! So few answers.

In response, a revolt has spurred as a result to this change, facebook has decided to let us vote on this new proposal, which they altered to us allowing them to keep our information so long as we have a profile still. Once we delete our facebook page, facebook revokes the rights to ownership of all our information.

So, what do you think? On April 20th, Facebook will allow us to vote to choose to accept this alteration...or not. In response, we have come up with our own poll to keep us posted in the meantime. What do you think? Rock the Vote here!

Oh, p.s. Facebook will only follow the voice of the poll if at least 30% of the people vote. That's 60 million people that need to

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