Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pippin Vintage Jewelry

Whenever a birthday rolls around the task of choosing a birthday present for my close friends becomes more stressful than a day’s worth of work at the office. The criteria for what I want in a gift seem to pile up and make it next-to impossible to actually find this ‘idea’ gift that I have fixated upon buying for weeks. It usually includes the prerequisites of:

a. uniqueness
b. Budget friendly, aka: less than $50
c. something that she would actually wear for once.

Lucky for me, I found a perfect solution to all female-based birthday gift dilemmas: Pippin Vintage Jewelry. Located on the side street of 17th street between 6th and 7th Avenue, Pippin is overflowing with fabulous gift ideas for any girl (fabulous vintage gift ideas to be exact). Earrings! Rings! Necklaces! Cuff links! Bracelets! It’s vintage costume jewelry heaven. Pippin has drawers upon drawers of vintage jewelry that the stores owners purchase weekly at auctions throughout New York, therefore are new necklaces and accessories that appear in the windows each week. Not only is the jewelry all unique, but the prices are what have me going back over and over again! With earrings starting at $5.00, you can find a gift for every friend; with each one recognizing the time and thought that went into buying the gift, while also making them think you must have paid at least $45 for those 1950’s clip ons. But, if it is $45 that you truly want to spend, there is some fine-antique jewelry cased off too that will make for an extra-special Mother’s Day gift. So, pop on into Pippin this weekend and I can assure your anxiety over buying a birthday gift will be ::poof:: Gone!
Pippin Vintage Jewelry
112 West 17th Street
New York, NY 10011

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