Monday, April 27, 2009


Mayahuel: a new booze-den located in the heart of the East Village. Mixologist Phil Ward, from Death and Co, has just opened a tequila-based bar, therefore the cocktails will inevitably to die for. What looks like a tiny rancho from the outside, transforms into a plush upstairs lounge complete with burgundy velvet benches, tiled-tables, and valentine-red walls. Downstairs you can settle in a wooden booth and enjoy a cocktail with some a small selection of tapas, including tortillas, plantanos, and palomitas. With over fifteen different cocktails to choose from, I was overhelmed! Being my indecisive self, I pondered for a while, but once the waitress came over I figured I’d ask the pro. You know, sometimes you get those really obnoxious serves that, when you ask “what drink do you recommend?”, answer with “everything is great!”. I hate that. But, at Mayahuel, I couldn’t have asked for a better waitress. She was very personable and truly gave us honest answers about the cocktails. I was in the mood for a bitter cocktail, so she led me in the direction of the Pilot Punch: blanco tequila, Jalapeno, yellow Chanteuse, and a hint of cucumber and mint. Delish. An amazing spicy aftertaste (not overwhelming though). My friend ventured towards one of the Tea-Killa cocktails, the Raspberry Charade to be exact: Raspberry tea infused Tequila with citrus and Cava. Equally as amazing!

I highly recommend Mayahuel if you want a cozy place to relax with a deadly tequila-cocktail . It has just opened, so check it out sooner rather than later.

SWAG it! Rating: !!!! (four exclamations out of five)

304 E. 6th Street
at 2nd Avenue

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