Friday, April 3, 2009

SWAG~ So Wonderful And Glamorous

Welcome to SWAG, So Wonderful and Glamorous
So, what IS SWAG?
swag: noun, verb, swagged, swagging.
1. Slang.
a. plunder; booty. Ok, No. That's not us.; valuables. Well, perhaps...
SWAG, a new blog dedicated to the pulse of New York City; the young professionals who keep the DOW climbing and the nightlife vibrant.In this volatile economy, SWAG will keep you on your toes from the latest recession specials at NYC's top restaurants to posts about mouth-watering, simple, inexpensive, quick recipes to conjure up after the long days at the office.
New to New York? Unsure of the most recent bar openings? Want to know about the most budget-friendly, trendy shops around the city? Curious about to the latest in arts and music throughout the city? Determined to learn to eat at home more than once a month...without Chinese takeout? SWAG is your source to take the biggest bite out of the big apple. Written by a recent young professional who had to find these things out for herself, SWAG makes sure you take advantage of New the right price. SWAG will show you how to make the most of your: b. money; valuables. Want to hear more about culture? food? shopping? music? nightlife?
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