Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cabin Down Below

You would think that this recession would have taken a toll on New York nightlife and that perhaps, it would be easier to get past the bouncer. Better yet, shouldn’t the drinks be more reasonably priced? Unfortunately for us bargain-hunters, this hasn’t seemed to be the case lately…that is until my bar-find last night. Strolling along Avenue A in the East Village, Cabin Down Below epitomizes the term ‘hidden gem’, as it is cleverly placed below the space of a pizza joint. After my party of seven, majority of which were boys, was already rejected at an haute-bar earlier in the night, I was crossing my fingers that the Cabin Down Below was still laying low and that the likes of Kirsten Dunst the previous weekend hadn’t already revved up the security at the door. The stars were aligned for us last night as the slightly unintimidating bouncer let into the dimly lit den, where the drinks were moderately priced and the music was appropriately indie. Cabin Down Below turned out to be an ideal place to chill with friends and fellow east-villagers without a fuss and without hours playing aggressive-New Yorker just waiting for one drink at the bar. Even Chloe Sevigny nonchalantly sipped a drink, clad with a red toque, blending in with the rest of the crowd. So low-key, so utterly fabulous! This basement bar is literally a tiny basement, so get there early to avoid the lengthy line at door…or wait, maybe the line was for the pizza? Either way, this nook won’t be a secret for long so make sure to get there before the bridge and tunnel crowd start reading about it in US Magazine and becomes just another place with an impossible doorman.

The Cabin Down Below
110 Ave A(at 7th St)
East Village
New York, NY 10009

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  1. All your recommendations have been hits! Keep it up!